After more than 30 years reading and studying the Tarot, I have decided to take on a new oracular deck, mostly because I was disenchanted with so many ‘intuitive’ Tarot readers out there and the so convoluted systems many authors have produced along the years. I wanted — better yet, craved for — a clearer, more coherent and cohesive divination system. Not that I have abandoned Tarot, mind you. I have rediscovered the beauty of those cards through my new findings, Lenormand and Kipper, that is. But those latter two gave me new enthusiasm for cartomancy practice, something I was lacking for a long time.

Lenormand is said to be Kipper’s old cousin. It is direct, sometimes even blunt, always amazing in its straightforwardness. Through Lenormand, I have discovered Kipper. All the aforementioned qualities of Lenormand made me like Kipper straightaway. Using The Fin de Siècle Kipper cards from Ciro Marchetti as my deck of choice, I have discovered that the additional three cards gave me a wider scope in my readings.

This is my journal about the adventures in reading these cards.