Start It Up

For my first reading, I used a traditional Kipper spread called The Path of Seven. It shows how to work out a viable pathway forward for the Querent to reach their goal — card 1 (The Main Male) and card 7 (High Honor) are preselected to show the path from A to B, as I want to know how to make Kippergeist attainable (even if it’s just a journal of my adventures on Kipper cards).

The cards that made up the line are Main Male, Judication, Great Fortune, Toil & Labour, Privileged Lady, Family Room, and High Honor.

Looking at the Linephoto_2017-06-27_20-37-08

This first card is Main Male, which is the male significator and co-protagonist of our novel. In keeping with the time, he’s a fine gentleman, a so-called Man of Qualities, and we meet him in his study. A well-dressed man stands in a well-appointed Victorian parlor. His gaze is confident, direct and open.

This card represents me, the querent. It describes where I am standing right now, what I desire and what I should be aware of.


The second card is Judication. A neutral to somewhat challenging card. We meet the Magistrate in his administrative office. He will make a decision on my matter — it could be for me, but it could also be against me. It signs that the journal might be a success or not. The Magistrate will explain “the process”. Since he’s explaining stuff to me, he’s also used for teachers. And from that sense, lessons. This journal is supposed to be a learning process, indeed. Furthermore, this card indicates all matters that are public.  For some, the combination with the next card signifies the querent is happy when he can help others. That’s my aim with the publicization of my journal.

photo_2017-06-27_20-37-00The third card is Great Fortune. The most enabling, powerful and positive card. Here on the balcony, at the end of the promenade, we meet the Goddess Fortuna in marble, gilded by a blazing sunset. Her Horn of Plenty pours wealth freely: outstanding good luck, triumph, happiness & fruitfulness. Everything’s delightful and aligned with true purpose. Time to take a chance of opportunities. Good Fortune doesn’t comfort for the rest of our days, but indicates that we can hope for an improvement or winning streak in the current issue. Great Fortune indicates new opportunities in job matters or simply satisfaction during daily work. Very promising!!!

photo_2017-06-27_20-36-58Next, Toil & Labour. This card shows automation, daily routine and hard work. Literally this card is the low wage manual labor, drudgery with no hope for advancement. Abstractly, it’s the burdensome, thankless chore, obligations. Nearby positive cards, like the previous one, it shows a way forward to a better future. This card is in general an indicator for all automatic processes, machines and technical devices. The journal is being published through a computer connected blog server, so it represents quite well what I’m doing. There’s a lot of drudgery involved here: writing, editing, looking for the right illustrations and the interpretation of the cards, of course.

photo_2017-06-27_20-36-55In the next card we meet Privileged Lady, the Great Beauty, the epitome of wealth, ease, youth, health, beauty & charm, as she strolls across the wide lawn past the orchid house on a beautiful spring day in the country. Lavishly dressed in the latest fashion, she gives us the relaxed look of a lady used to admiration. It reminds me to enjoy my journal — and not to forget that the noblest dresses will become rags one day. This card stands for fun, creativity, art. If I have to go with the chores of make it happen, Kipper is also showing me that it can be a fun and beautiful thing to do. Combined with the next card, it shows I’m seeking my “inner home”: my individuality, my soul personality.

photo_2017-06-27_20-36-46The sixth card is Family Room. Here we see mid-morning coffee laid with a silver service in a fine bourgeois drawing room, true to Victorian style. The drawing room in better houses was off the formal parlor, and was a place to “withdraw” to for entertaining close friends and family.  Literally it’s a room, and stands for all private or enclosed spaces such as living rooms, hotel rooms, offices with doors, apartments. More abstractly, it represents privacy and that which is close or personal to you. Hold fast to the present now.  This card is my space, my taste, my ambience — my “home”. Kippergeist is my individuality expressed!

photo_2017-06-27_20-37-05The final card is High Honor, where I aim to be. Men in dress uniform ring cannons. This is not a war scene, but a ceremony to honor someone, a 21 Gun Salute. Literally, it’s trophies, medals, honor, promotion, a raise, acing an exam or graduating with honors. My ambition, skills and knowledge are required now. This card announces success! It’s said that when this card is far from the significator, what’s shown by the surrounding cards will surely come to pass. May it be!

In a nutshell

To make Kippergeist meaningful, it must be a learning process, to be judged worthwhile by the readers, which means the public in general. It’s time to take a chance of opportunities of the technology at my disposal: the platform where I can display my readings. Although it’s hard work, it can be fun and creative way to express my individuality and my taste in divination.

Quoting James Himm: “it looks like Kipper and I are walking down the aisle…”

About the Title: “Start It Up” is a song by September.