The Next Seven Days

Starting a new week and I asked the Kipper cards: What can I expect for this week?” For this reading, I chose a 5-card spread with the Main Male as a significator (representing me).

The cards that made up the line are Message, Sudden Wealth, Main Male (as the Focus Card), Mature Man and Lovers.

Looking at the Line

IMG_20170629_225103We begin with Message. The original connotation of this card is a “pleasant message.” It’s generally good news, unless with challenging cards. Before the significator it may also be something I’m in denial about or refusing to hear. What is that, which I am not aware? The card stands for all forms of messages and communications: phone calls, texts, emails, letters, documents, notes, papers, etc. As it’s the 7th card, it can represent 7 days or 1 week. It’s Kipper remind me that it’s the card for this week! It also signals for positive news for money matters or financial transactions.


IMG_20170703_193946The next card is Sudden Wealth. This card shows us a slot machine with all 7s. It’s my lucky number — gold coins spill onto the casino table. Literally, the lost check that shows up, a monetary gift, a larger than anticipated tax refund, bingo — you get the picture. As if it’s close to the significator, it’s a large sum. In a card pair as a description, it can also mean “many,” “much” or “multiple” — many messages, then, I reckon? Sudden Wealth announces success, affluence, gain or profit. Having this card here surely makes me calm and encourages me to face the week.


photo_2017-06-27_20-37-08The central card is me, the querent, represented by the Main Male. A well-dressed man stands in a well-appointed Victorian parlor. His gaze is confident, direct and open. As usual, it describes where I am standing right now, what I desire and what I should be aware of. This card is one which sets Kipper apart from other oracular card systems, along with Lenormand. Both have specific cards to represent the querents (although some cartomancers don’t use them in every reading — more about this in a later post!).


IMG_20170703_193930Next card, Mature Man. Sober and thoughtful in his day suit, we meet this wise older gentleman in his library. The Mature Man is on my side, generally, representing all kinds of bosses, guides and authorities  — but sometimes this card symbolizes maturity, regardless of age. Close to the significator, he offers support and he brings important news about a good start (could it refer to the launch of Kippergeist?). It counsels to respect all people of authority or any experienced person… I’ll benefit from their wisdom.



Screenshot_20170703-201608Finally, we have Lovers. It’s what everyone hopes for in the 19th century — the good match. Just ask Jane Austen! Here we see two mated turtle-doves coo in an Italian garden with ardent statuary. Romantic love, profound friendship, loyalty and trust are all found in this card. Let myself be guided by my feeling and intuition, that’s the suggestion of this card. In other respects there is also a successful days ahead, in the course of which the last existing problems are solved independently.

In a nutshell

It seems I’m going to get a lot of good messages and a mature person will help me somehow. And, in other aspects, in the course of the days ahead my last existing problems will be solved, independently of me. Hopefully!

Strangely, the Kipper cards changed my question altogether. I wonder if it’s one the quirks of this particular oracle…

About the Title: “The Next Seven Days” is a song by Ryan Chatelain.


Here Comes The Weekend

For this reading, I wanted something simple and concise to suit the question from Faith, the querent: “What can I do to have a great weekend?”. At the end of the month, she is not very optimistic about having a great time during the next few days, mainly because it is when she spends the most. I have decided to do a 3-card spread, where card 1 is laid down first and represents the central issue, while cards 2 and 3 describe the issue.

The cards that made up the line are Imprisonment, Message and Change.

Looking at the Line

IMG_20170629_225118The first card is Imprisonment. A challenging card. Literally, this card is a prison, a jail or an asylum. More abstractly it stands for any locked, off-limits and secured place or state. And from that sense it represents a sense of confinement, imprisonment, isolation. Imprisonment does not primarily refer to a prison sentence but describes all kinds of renunciation. This is a card of being trapped, whether in a relationship, job or situation. Faith confessed she has strong financial limitatons at the moment and that makes her worried about her weekend — and the reason why she asked the cards for a way out of this dismal situation.

IMG_20170629_225103The second card is Message. Here we see a writing desk with a lovely antique brass phone, a dip pen, and a heavy crystal inkwell. A hand holds a telegram, still in its envelope. The original connotation of this card is a “pleasant message.” It’s generally good news, unless with challenging cards, which is the case. Here, it is neutral, showing us the source of annoyance (the bank statement showing her lack of funds). At the same time, this card recommends her to interact with others. It could be done through informal communications such as texts messages, phone calls, voice messages, and emails.

IMG_20170629_225046Change is the third card. This card shows a hard-working porter in a flat workman’s cap packing up stylish furniture in a horseless carriage. More abstractly, it means Faith needs to be adaptable or adopt a more flexible & open outlook. This card is usually metaphorical — circumstances are changing favorably and she’ll probably receive some good news which will change everything. But first, she needs a change within herself, her attitudes to life in general with specific aspects of her priority list. Most probably, an optimistic frame of mind.

In a nutshell

It is possible to have a great weekend if Faith doesn’t feel trapped by her limited finances, thus contacting friends to schedule things together, with — imperative! — a more flexible and open outlook.

About the Title: “Here Comes The Weekend” is a song by Roxette.